EQ Labs

Get your fizz on! EQ Labs has awesome flavored tablets you can add to water or your favorite adult beverage that will give you an extra kick, without the extra calories! Mo Owens showed off the tablets to Dao & Shawn.
comes to energy drinks… e-q labs is thinking outside the can. it’s a healthy alternative to some of the sugary drinks out there. here to tell us al about the kick is… mo owns— the president of the company. te us about e-q-.and how it came together tel us about e-q-..and how it came together your product is different because it’s an actual effervescent tablet… tell us about it. who should use this product..someone going out for a night on the town.perhaps a long drive? can you show us a demonstration? what’s the costs? what drinks go well with it beside water? how many calories is in one tablet? and how many flavors? it’s a local company but publicly traded. locally where can we buy the product? for more information go to.. drink e-q dot com. and remember you can se this segment again at vegas morning blend dot com. and still



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