EQ Energy Drinks

It’s time to pump up your energy and get poker-ready! Mo Owens from EQ Labs and Professional Poker Star Vanessa Rousso joined Shawn to talk about these tasty tabs and how you could score some one-on-one poker knowledge from Vanessa herself!
welcome to the “the morning blend.” time to pump up your energy, get poker ready via boot camp. moe owens and lady maverick herself. daddy girl, vanessa rousso. great to have you here. i did crack constantly at the table. we’ll talk about that. for those that don’t know eq labs tell us. a energy tablet with three flavors, apple, strawberry and lemon lime j thi. >> shawn: this is deny coffee replacement in the morning because i’m trying to slim down. i got a dealer’s number a few days ago. the poker dealer. the tabs are working. how have they been helping you at the table? >> i got off the world series and we have to play pretty much every day for six weeks so i would get late and tired at the table. the smartest, most alert player does the best. i carry them in my pocket and pop them in a drink before i play. >> shawn: you get the packages then you have tubes. >> six tablets equal six ca



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