Epicurean Charitable Foundation

The Epicurean Charitable Foundation’s 9th Annual Scholarship Fundraising Gala is on Friday at the M Resort, and joining Dao & Shawn to talk about the event was Elizabeth Muto of the foundation, and Chef Robert Derwinski, an assistant executive chef at Paris and Ballys.
>> dao: get those taste buds going. you can dine without some of the best las vegas has to offer this weekend and at the same time send a student to culinary school. >> the epicurean charitable foundation 9th annual phrasing gala is friday. with us, elizabeth from the foundation and chef robert democrat democrat. robertz our goal is fuel the future of the hospitality industry. food, beverage, hotel. if they stay in nevada they get a few ride scholarship and if they leave, up to $48,000. how much does it cost to send a student to culinary school? >> depends. if they go to the art institute, the scholarship covers ability of that. >> shawn: i went there for tv. i’m just saying. most of our students are at unlv and that covers the tuition and fees. >> dao: they can just worry about studying and not the finances. very nice. >> it’s a beautiful thing. >> dao: this weekend is the menus event.



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