Epcot Food & Wine Festival

The Epcot Food and Wine Festival brings international flavors right to your backyard.
welcome back, it’s a gorgeous day outside. maybe early for wine? not for sean daily, sean is going for the tequilla, we are on wine and tequilla, you were born to do this and today at noon at the mexico center, a bar inside you’ll have a tasting and it’s always a perfect time to have a taste. i was made for this too. so tell me we have three nice ones here and they vary in smoothness and color. we have the silver, and — the difference is the aging process. for example this can be on the barrel one day no more than two months. >> so it in the barrel and out. just like that. i’m not going to drink it yet. you can see the difference. and this one is rested, it can be in the barrel two months no more than one year. then we have the aged. this is in the barrel one to three years. more aging process is going to give it more color and flavor and smell. >> if i go to the liquor store that is a



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