Enjoying Family Dinners Again

Simple ways you can enjoy sitting down with family for dinner.
elise here. she has great advice, great tips on eight headlighty which is what you are all b we have done breakfast lunch and now dinner. >> dinner is the meal that we look forward to the most i think. it’s a time we get to see our family. >> and sit down which is so important. >> it is so important. it really is. >> you said the planning, though, doesn’t have to be that hard. but it can make your life easier if you think about it. >> absolutely. you know i. think sunday is a great opportunity to look at your week, see when you will be home and put somethings in the fridge so you’ve got them ready for when you come home and you are starving. so, the great thing is to make a salad. >> okay. >> my tip for making a salad everybody says it will go brown is i cut up all the vegetables on sunday and put them in a glass bowl and i cover them with saran wrap. >> why is glass better? i don’t know



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