Ending World Hunger

u of i researchers are increasing crop yeild
help. ((aaron))ending world hunger may sound like a beauty pageant promise –but it’s something researchers at the u of i are trying to do. ((jessica))and they just got 45 million dollars to help them do it. wcia 3’s jennifer jensen is here.jennifer – that is a lot of money- what are they going to do with it? ((jennifer j))the money will go to testing their proven methods on crops in areas across the world. the organization is called ripe – it stands for “realizing increased photosynthetic efficiency”it’s team works to transform agriculture and help solve the global food shortage problem. this money will help them do that.25 million is coming from the bill and melinda gates foundation.the rest is from the foundation for food and agricultural research and the department for international development. in the past five years they developed crop growth techniques that reengineer photosynthes



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