Ending Hunger: Nothing Campaign

The Rhode Island Community Food Bank asks the public to do “Nothing” about hunger.nnBreaking away from traditional appeals, the Food Bank’s “Nothing” campaign evokes the desolation of “Nothing” to eat and offers something to do about it.nnCans of “Nothing” – 40,000 empty cans with slots for collections – will be sold for $2.99 each at food locations across the state including participating Dunkin’ Donuts, Whole Foods Market, Brigido’s Fresh Market, Clements’ Marketplace, Dave’s Marketplace and Eastside Marketplace.nnProceeds from the sale of each can benefit the Food Bank and provide ten pounds of food for a family in need. The Food Bank turns “Nothing” into a commodity to help the hungry at a time when the need is greater than ever.
show. >> all right, michelle. thanks. hunger here in hrhode island continues to be a problem and that’s why the rhode island community food bank is breaking away from traditional campaigns and this timean they’re asking the public to do nothing about hunger. joing me this morning to tell t us more about the do nothing campaign is andrew schiff from the foodoo bank,ba jeremy cris t from communications and angie. hunger continues too be a problem in rhode island, but it’s something tthhat peohaple in rhode island don’t necessarily think it’s their neighbor that might be assisting. >> it really has to do with the economy. so many people out of work, turning to us for help. >> tell me a little a bit, jeremy,er about this do nothinghi campaign. i see a couple of chanchere and i k now that you guys are helping with this campaign in c a freeway. you’re not charging the food bank for this. tell



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