Emmy Food

An inside taste of the food served up at the Emmy’s!
i couldn’t tell em >> the membe emmy awards are this weekend. here’s a sneak peek. ak >> this is how all chefs do it. >> this is why we’re in the kitchen. >> with a drink in hand and the grill on fire — >> in you’ve got carmelizeed onions. >> they’re cooking up a storm for the e.t. emmy party. more than 2,000 corn tortillas, 700 homemade flour ones, the decadent food spread will be the star and entertainment tonight’s kevin frasier coined the ladies in the kitchen forhe border cooking 101, but frasier sort of kept his hands full not as a soux chef but as a taste tester. >> i tried to stuff 100 in myn mouth. >> i joined in on the sizzling action. >> let’s talk about the food. >> i not one of the hot thatt meatamales.>> same so impressed — >> i’m so impressed. >> that is an avocado. >> california avocado, seed ed with a corn salsa. oh! >> and from the ladies border grill truck, chiros fo



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