Emeril Lagasse Shares Grilling Tips

One of America’s favorite chefs joined The Rhode Show, Emeril Lagasse!
find out more informatio n about nylo providence waridwick. >> back in “the rhode show” kitchen, we are not cooking, but we are about to talk to one of america’s greatest chefs. emerillagossi is joining us. before we start to tstalk about a your book, we have a w littlvee bit of a surprise for your, because a lot of people may not know that y ou’re from tthhis area, but i’ve done a little bit of digging and i understand that you went to diman vo-tech high h school here. senate? >> i did. >> that’s truse.e. well we’ve got one of the instructors, chris, an one of the students, stacey, and they’d like to say hi to you.o >> hello. >> ok. >> how are you doing. >> they’re here cook t being in the kitchen and you wept on to johnson & wells and stacey is going to johnson & wells when she’s done, and she has to fill some big shoes,ig so s with that said, talk to us about the book you have



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