Elliott’s Floor Store

Their family-owned business welcomes you into their store with the latest technology that is perfect for every room of your house. They have a multitude of styles ranging from Vinyl flooring, Carpeting, Ceramic tiles, Laminate and Hardwood. Not only will you leave happy with a new floor, but you will leave with a full stomach of cookies baked fresh by Mama Mary Elliott!nnElliott’s Floor Store
>>> and welcome. is this such a place to get a cookie in a warm family atmosphere. >> i think there is. >> i want to go there. >> yes. >> hooked. >> you might be surprised where it is. >> and elliott’s floor store and will you hear from jane. and let’s talk about the floor store and tell us what separates you from the other million floor stores out there. >> sure. first of all, tiffany, it is great to be back. molly, you have changed your look a bit but you still look great. >> just kidding, lisa. >> what separates us is we are a true family business my mom, dad, brothers and sisters. i work in the store. i am the oldest of 7 children. my mom makes cookies for 7 customers. >> and they are tasty. >> i do. i have them. >> and mama mary makes all the cookies. other stores, there are bigger stores to go to. we have as much selection and usually bigger stores carry things like cabinets and se



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