Ellen’s Candied Yams

Ellen’s Candied Yams
owner of ellen’s home style barbecue in portsmouth. >> i am going to make ellen’s homes out candied yams. >> we have a lot to do. we are going to get started first with the candied yams. i know you have them pealed already. i am noticing that you read it when you get them in the can, it is not — they are not quite this shape. tell me why you are a slicer and not a chalker. >> — chunker. >> i just do mind this week. it is easier. they cook evenly. >> it tells people that they are made by hand. you do not use brown sugar? >> pancake syrup. >> let’s get started here. i will go get you some water if you want to finish slicing that. should i start with hot water or cold water? >> do you want to put these in first? >> sure. i am here to learn. that is a good idea. you probably do not burn yourself in the kitchen. this is half of the sugar. >> it is so good. >> should be hot or cold water? >>



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