Einstein On Wine

They’ll be exploring the science of food-at the annual Einstein on Wine event. This is the 6th Annual Gateway to Science fundraiser. Doors open at seven this evening. This year will feature the popular Chef Showdown. Guest will have the opportunity to try and judge food made during the competition. Defending chef champion, Mike Britianwho represents Sam’s Club will be taking on Aaron Bank from Mr. Delicous. (Beth Demke/Ex. Dir. Gateway to Science) “Gateway to Science, we don’t do anything without including a little bit of education. With our event we have an aromawheel activity that will help you to learn how to identify different aromas in wine. The chefs have each been required to use wine in cooking, at least one of their dishes. So they will be able to talk a little bit about what wine you might choose for cooking, what are some of the things you need to know when you are cooking with wine.” This is a fundraiser for Gateway to Science. Tickets are 25-dollars for members and 35-dollars for non-members. Doors will open at 7 o’clock this evening.



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