Eggs Risotto

Eggs Risotto
website which will link to at “the hampton roads show.” see you next tuesday. >> thank you so much. we’re in the kitchen right now. denise is the cold air director and today we have christine because we need some help. chris is a supervisor at the restaurant. maybe laurie cant tell us about a deal on eggs. what we are going to do risotto bedticks. we add white — risotto benedict. we add eggs and bigger. risotto, cheese. parliament sauce. what is this cooked? >> we do cook the rizzo. keep the pant moving. keep the risotto moving. — we do cook a risotto. keep the pan moving. the rice starch to absorb the liquid. it takes about 45 minutes — the rice starts to absorb the liquid. if you choose to make risotto and of extra, this is a good meal to use the extra risotto. >> let’s talk about the perfect poaching. how hot is the water? >> when you poach eggs, you what your water to be about one



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