Eggs Benedict Three Ways

Eggs Benedict Three Ways
fan page. we will do our best to get your comments on the air. >> speaking of buzz worthy topics, chef bob is in the kitchen. we know lots of folks like to talk about you being here. we love to see what you have cooking for us. today, eggs benedict freeways. >> in an arc — in honor of mother’s day, a classic a brunch item. will start with traditional. >> for those folks who do not like to venture pass the scrambled eggs, what exactly is eggs benedict. >> it is a toasted english muffin which has canadian bacon and top with poached egg and hollandaise sauce on top. we will do a couple twists. we’re going to do one with chicken. we will do a bearnaise sauce on that. we will do well with grilled salmon and crabmeat and we will put another sauce on it. holiday’s is a classic french sauce. back in the early 1800’s, they had a shot that came up with — a chef that came up with basic sauces. >>



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