Eggplant And Zucchini Pie

Eggplant and zucchini pie
for a cooking lesson and the 411 on ordering the dish, too. >> it not only should look good, but it has got to taste good. >> hi. i am elana scotto. >> we are coming to you from pearl street, which is in the financial district. and this is our new flagship store, fresco on the go, and we are going to make eggplant and zucchini pie for you today. let’s get to work. we will start with the cheese mixture. >> a little egg. we beat the egg. two eggs. we will add a little ricotta cheese. whole milk ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese. >> oh, yes, very cheesy. >> we will add this cheese and finish with a little parsley. do you rember who originated this meal. >> this is kathy lee gifford’s favorite dish at the restaurant. we created it for her because she wanted eggplant parmesan. we can’t make anything simple. we are going to make it with a twist and that’s where we came up with the eggplant and z



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