Eggnog Crème Brulee

We’re cooking Eggnog Crème Brulee with The Newport Restaurant Group.
vince is making a delicious eggnog menu, that’s lovely, really. >> actually, i’m not mgoing to make it, b ut a good friend here, kevin delikebero, who you know has been on here many times from the newport res taurant group is going to cook this up for us. what exactly is it? >> we’re doing eggnog creme brulee. >> is this something that youha eat with a spoon or something you drink? >> no, we bake this. >> you bake this. >> it’s going to be baked, but yeah, we eat it with a spoon and then we torch it with sugar on top, so pretty much s to make the eggnog, we’ll do heavy cream, we’ll do brandy, rum. .>> she was a fineas a girl. >> yes, she was. cinnamon,nn nutmeg and ginger. >> if your not from the 1970’s, you don’t get the reference. >> we’l l steep all the ingredients into thent heavy cream c and fold thatld into a sugar and egg yolk mixture and when we are bake it, it will come together



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