Egg-credible Recipes

January is National Egg Month
day. well–january is national egg month. so we sent cbs 21’s jaime meyers with the cumberland county mobile newsroom to find some egg- credible recipes. the incredible edible egg. whether it’s dessert like key lime pie or a brunch classic like eggs benedict, eggs are a big part of the american diet. it seems eggs are included in something throughout the day, scrambled eggs for breakfast or you stay home and bake cookies or a cake. kitchen shoppe chef amber clay showed cbs 21 her recipes for several tasty egg dishes and a way to kick up traditional egg salad. her recipe includes bacon, red pepper, and ranch. she says it’s a dish that you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with. you can just open your fridge and see what’s in there. while some people shy away from eggs because of cholesterol content, there are ways you can still enjoy eggs, including using an egg substitute. you can elimin



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