Egg Battered Lemon Chicken

We’re in the kitchen cooking Egg Battered Lemon Chicken with Chef Evan Mathew from Marra Meal Services.
facebook. let’s head over to the kitchen right now with patrthick little. >> matthew from the morrow restaurant group joining us this morning. we have a chicken i call it a francheze youe say call it chicken franchise. >> correct. >> what goes into the franchise? >> butter a little pepper flakes, salt and pepper, olive oil, lemon juice, white wine and egg batter herehe seasoned flou and egg wash. >> this is masheds potatoes we oe are going to do that with the dish along with sauteed spinach. >> a little background on theac t restaurant group? >> we s tarted as a restaurant group a couple res strauntsz about 7, we have a catering company and wey entered into meals on wheels just a couple month ago. now we are providing meals across the entire state for all of the elderly. e ly>> and we are going to chat with the folks from meals on wheels getting ready to de lever the 16 millionth meal. c



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