Egg Bake

Ireland shows us how to make egg bake
recipe. they can do it. >> hi, i love breakfast. it’s one of my favorite meals. except dessert. i’m always begging my mom to make breakfast, and especially on the weekends. i love this recipe, i can do it. so, it is breakfast casserole. and right now, i have some breakfast sausage cooking, and it is looking pretty good. let me give this a stir. >> and then, we have 7 eggs, and i’ll ad an 8th egg. put the shel off to the side. a little salt and pepper. maybe a little bit more peper. and two cups of milk. now, just beat these up. and then, we’ve got two cups of cheddar cheese. but we want to start off with the hash browns. and you can just, get frozen hash browns if you like. i already thawed these. spread them all around. there we go, and then we put in our you a sampling. okay. turn the heat off. okay. get that all around. and now the eggs. one more time. pour those al over. and now, my



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