Edible Centerpiece

great holiday party item
she does. >> good morning, amend. i have a — amy. i have a holiday treat for you to put on your holiday table. i’m going to start out with the base of a christmas tree. and pretty simple. a round piece of felt. you’re going to hot glue it. around all 4 edges. ? and then you want it to be oven when you stand it up, so have to get these as flat as possible. ? now that we have the frame done which is going to be like your christmas base, you’re going to put the cone on. and depends how many people you have eating by what size cone you want. this here probably feeds about 30 people. then you put it in the middle. and then you’re going to put any kind of christmas presents or anything like that around to decorate it. screw it on there. now that you have the base finished we’re going to move on to the vegetables. first, we’re going to start with the onions. for the christmas tree it’s going t



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