Edible Arrangements

Make any occasion special
>> our first guest started hisis small business in 1999 in east haven, conec ticut.n two years later, he began franchising. today there is over 900 stores in 10 countries around the world. joing me now is cameron, the chief operating ofic er of edible arrangements international. i love your company. >>ny thank you, steve. >> i have one on the corner. i stop in al the time, it is fantastic. give me an idea how you started with one little store and how it blossomed into this. >> we started in 99, we took our floral experience and saidad how can we make a unique product that looks beautiful and tasted great. >> originally you wernae doing flowers. >> that’s righ t. >> you developed that and turne d it into fruit instead of flowers. >> and added the value to it. >> you had the one store and what inspired to you move to a second store and getting to franchising and all that, how did all that



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