Economy Was The Hot Topic At Fish Fry

The Purdue University Agricultural Alumni Fish Fry is an annual tradition. This year they finally served fish, instead of pork, with a side of economic reality.
canada. chrysler’s sales fell 55% last month. >> it’s an annual tradition. the purdue university agricultural alumni fish fry. well, this year they finally served fish with a side of economic reality. for the past 10 years pork was the main dish at the purdue ag fish fry, it was to support indiana’s pork producers. now perch is back on the menu.>> now we actually have an indiana fish producer who can supply this much fish for the event. >> so participants can feast on perch and pork. >> it really gets the word out there that local raised products are available, local raised fish, plus with the changes in the world and all the issues that we’ve had with food safety, knowing that you can get a product that’s locally raised i think is going to be even more important as the years go by. >> it’s as important as the economy right now. >> sometimes you hear a lot of complaints about how food pr



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