Eating While Driving

Texting while driving has proven to be as dangerous as drunk driving, but eating while driving can also be risky.
likely to take your eyes off the road as well. the national highway safety adminstration reports that in 2008 5,870 people were killed and about 515,000 were injured due to accidents where the driver was distracted.er the nhsa says a distraction cos uld be anything that takes thhie drivhaers eyes off the road,ey including eating. we asked people if they eat and drive and this is what they told us. cg name ted ilnicki amherst ckusually, i don’t. i don’t like to mess up my truck too much. i don’t like the distractions. once in a while, i do, but only if i’m in a rush, but i try not totr. 00:2t4 sot @ 00:50 cg name gary abbott amherst i just tt hink it’s a safety reason. yo su see people talking on the cell phone, eating, not really driving with their hands, not really paying attentiolyn to the roads so i’m just afraid i’ll see the some accidents happen. 1:02 but many americans do eat while



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