Eating Right Help Prevent Cancer

Meg O’Rourke of Nutritionally Sound talks about foods that can help prevent cancer.
newest research stating that food and cancer — food can help el prevents cancer. >> right. the american institute of cancer research has put out, and these are the top notc professionals, they have put out thousands of studies, and their geral recommendation if a nut shell is one, maintain an ideal body weight or a healthy weight. that’s usually plus suor minus 10% of your ideal body weight. two, exercise 30xe to 60 minutes six times a week. three — >> i should probably start doing d that. >> three, watchhr your fat intake. watch thewa mayo, the cream cheese, the butter, use more of the sprays and olive oil and things like that. four, you want toyo have more of of the vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower,ca cabbage, brussel sprouts. ro and then you want y to watch your alcohol intake. they’re actually correlating breast cancer with too much alcohol intake. >> really? >> so what they r



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