Eat Local With Sur La Table

Home Grown Omelet recipe using ingredients grown in Arizona
6873. >>> well, you can taste it the minute you crack open an egg or taste a bite of something grown locally. this is a great book about buying local called eating local, the cook book inspired by america’s farmers. today, the culinary leaders are here to tell you about the fresh ingredients in their every day cooking. >> thank you for having me. >> yes, i figured that it is appropriate to start off this. >> exactly. >> and it smells really good in here. you have a new cookbook that’s out. >> we do. >> all about eating more locals. we’re talking about sharing foods from our local farmer’s markets or the farmers. >> exactly. we’re all about supporting the local fiesta program. and that is short for the commute for the agriculture. >> okay. >> they have probably the best ingredients that you could find. >> if you go to farmer’s markets, chevre one you go to the valley, you can just test it



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