Easy-To-Do Tiramisu

This dessert looks amazing and it’s easy to make – impress your friends! Chef Melissa Burback of Porto Terra shows you how fun and easy it can be.
>> giving you a great dessert idea. chef from portorero is here with an easy recipe for tiramisu. easy to do tiramisu. i love this. it sounds and looks difficult. but it is not. it is really fun, easy, three parts and you’re done. >> let’s get started. i loveook that, you have everything kind of laid out to show people at home this is not something to be scared of. >> now you’ve goten it started. this is a mixture of heavyot cream, i have mixed it so there’s no lumps in it. now i’m going to add a litle bit of sugar to sweten it up and vanilla. and i’m going to get it all nice and fluffy.g >> how long do you need to let it go? what is the consistency you’reill looking for. >> for it to be really thick.e when you turn off the mixer it how stays in the whip. you want it to be really thick.i >> this isll something you need towh have one of these — not something you can do by hand. maybe in



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