Easy Summer Meals

When you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen…and get in front of the grill! Outdoor cooking can be fun, festive and good for you, too. Spartan Stores dietician Heather Leets shares some simple tips on taking your next meal to a new nutritional level without your typical indoor appliances. Ever try a frozen pizza over the open flame? Check out this easy, affordable hunger fix with your favorite fellow diners tonight.
this time of the year, it’s hard to motivate ourselves to fire up the oven or stove to cook a meal inside.((outdoor dining is such a great option..the grill taking the place of those indoor appliances. appliances.as our clever dietitian from spartan stores shows us..the grill can easily cook just about everything…including frozen pizza!! ivanrest true value hardware 3291 28th street value hardre ivanrest true grillinformation about ivanrest true value hardware 3291 28th street swgrandville, mi(616) 534-8838



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