Easy Paella With Chicken And Chorizo

We’re cooking Easy Paella With Chicken and Chorizo in the kitchen with Dave Mallari and Tony Makalina from The Pig Kahuna.
left. i want to kick it over tor lily, she’s in the backyard barbecue, how is the big roast going? >> first of all, it smells heavenly out here, but aside from the pig roast, we have a paya going out, because pig kahuna pulls outraged all the stops. — out al l the stops. i want to talk about your friendship, but i want to talk about the food first. tell us what’s in this. >> we have yellow corn, chorizo, chicken thighs, parsley, bomba rice. >> what’s bomba rice? >> a special rice, made specif ically for payaya. >> pap rika and saffron, o slive oil. >> we’ll start cooking with this stuff in just a moment, you can get the rest see and ingreedients on line, and this is stuff you may already have in your kitchen right now. .but for now, we’ll throw it back over to you.ov >> this msorning, we continue our series, coffee with the candidates, to help you get to know the candidatesid running fo



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