Easy Meal Planning

essential ingredients for easy meals.
>>> when it comes to meal planning in my opinion, worst part is going to the grocery store to get the stuff. >> constantly. because you are missing something. >> our next guest has key to get dinner on the table without all the shopping trips. >> 70 meals, one trip to the store. she is with us now with her advice for shopping for smart ingredients. welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. >> nice to have you. >> what we decide is 70 meals in one — with one trip to the grocery store. >> i love it. >> the obvious question is 10 grocery carts full of food. >> no. >> i have friends to experiment and challenge me on this issue and not that you are buying that many groceries, you are buying smarter. >> you are only buying ingredients that multitask. >> i like the idea of it. >> and you have an idea, every recipe pulls from the ingredient rule. >> how do you agree about the contest. >>



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