Easy Fish And Vegetable Dinner

We’re cooking Easy Fish and Vegetable Dinner with Melissa Rector from Gold’s Gym.
>> more moreaning, exactly.xa >> let’s send it over to elizabeth hopkins. what have we got going onng in the kitchen. n.>> we were just talkingus aboutng the miss universe competion pe anond actually, melissa rechter is heading off to tucson, arizona, ,on monday foron the mrs. america pageant, so we’re going to be rooting for you which is i so grit. itare you excited? >> mri’m very excited. >> i anticipate, especially during thisdu time, t the final weeks leading up to competition, nutrition is very important.er >> very important.y >> you’re veryve careful about what you’re eating and this iss something you coulsod have on your meal plan. >> this is something i eat quite often. of a lot of us at the gym thoroughly enjoy fish once a week, we live in new england, this is the captain’s loin. >> what does that mean,ea a captain’s cut? >> it’ss a thicker piece, a nice chunk. >> run through th



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