Easy Appetizer Recipes

Easy appetizer recipes
the twitter application helps people to track what they eat it also encourages them to eat more healthy. >> rhiannon checks out easy recipes that take up no time at all. >> if you are looking to change up the menu, quick, easy, delicious appetizers and desserts that will impress your family and guests. with me is camelia salisbury. welcome. >> good to be here. thanks for having me. >> you have all of this delicious looking food out here for us today. >> it is gorgeous. pepperidge farm puff pastry is a home cooks best friend during the holiday baking season. versatile, easy to use, available in your grocer’s freezer section. >> they all look like they took a lot of time and effort. >> that’s the thing, they’re all done in three simple steps. the first one i want to show you, the ideal holiday finger food. pick it up and eat them. all you need to do is take a strip of the pepperidge farm p



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