one you will want to check out this next recipe. donatella arpaia has perfected the easter pie. it is time to pakistani pastoria. i made it about 1 — time to make pasteria. one of the most things is the dough. i encourage you to make it by end. it is not that scary. my secret is confectioner’s sugar instead of regular sugar. the dough is made of butter and confectioner’s sugar and cinnamon and orange. i like to use a spring form cake pan and i like it to be deep. this pie is meant to be deep. frost the cake pan. get your kids to do this part, they love it. this pie is going to cook for about an hour. we recommend it at. that is kind of the tick part. now, that we completed the show we will come to one of the stars — the dough we come to one are the stars of the pie which is the grain. i look to add milk, i think it makes it richer. greated orange dust and i put that in the dough as wel



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