Easter Seals Nebraska

Karen from Easter Seals Nebraska talks about their Wine Event this Saturday with wine tasting, offers and more.
>>> winemakers from across the country are preparing to join nebraska’s finest. >> it is a big, big event for easter seals nebraska. >>> and to tell bus this first let’s get to nebraska mobility. we will get to the wine in a second. >> and we added a service line to nebraska disabilities. the service hine is nebraska mobility. what we have been asked to do is help coordinate state public transportation issues for older adults and it speaks to how complicated and challenging it is now and how to step in. >> and there are different funding sources and 300 provides and nebraska neding transportation and no one knows what they are doing. >> and going to point z and pick up people. >>> and we will minimize cost to our state. cost to people and once we coordinate everything. >> we are the call center to help different providers, five or six softwares putting together. it is a complicated situa



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