Easter Seals’ Lobsterbake

Easter Seals’ 19th Annual Lobsterbake.
upcomin g easter seals here, doesn’t mean sumertime is over. if you need proof, look into borer… ..welcome back…richard… this is the 19th year eafor the lobster bake… very popular event… . successful fundraiser… 65 6 dollars per the pictures will show the carousel house, the big fire which light for the lobsterr bake. it is about 20 ufeet long,, usuall y abouyt four or f ive feetef high and we layer the food on top of that. >> this is $65 per person, what do you d o get for tfohat? >> for $65, if you wanted lobster or steak you tell us in advance and if you wanted lobster you would basically get a lobster, you would get the corn, potato and some steamers, so the lobsters would come on your plate like that and wiathd your steamurers. >> you steamed themt all up for us already, did you all thelt work. actually, you are doiang doubleu dutiy, you are a caterer. you had your lobst



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