Easter Recipes, Half The Fat

Easter recipes, half the fat
price. >>> almost time to unleash the easter bunny and start to hunt for your favorite easter recipes. diane hendricks, the dietician in the kitchen, is here, great recipes full of flavor and they have half the fat. just because you want to eat healthy does not mean that you have to sacrifice flavor. >> that is the big challenge. my goal is to raise the culinary bar for healthy cooking. healthy cooking can taste just as good as unhealthy cooking. >> you have four recipes here for example. >> apricot and citrus glazed pork tenderloin, which is lean. and i like that. a nice festive protein. scalloped potatoes, delicious, really good. oven roasted asparagus which is delicious. and then arugula salad with red onions and orinocos and cucumbers. and you can get it on the table fast. >> that is the key. a lot of moms saying i don’t have a lot of time — >> this is a quick dinner. i have two gro



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