Easter Dinner On The Table

Chef Tony finishes up his Easter Dinner including a leg of lamb, potatoes and green beans.
>> tony is back. we keep saying he’s back. he never left. he’s working and if you hear chef tony maybe clink a glass or whatever, we put serious demands on your time. >> we’re not the only ones. >> no big deal. what we’re going to do now is put the dinner together. i’ve got some french green beans which i’ve just boiled, blanched and shocked to stop the cooking. this way we can get them ready ahead of time. while the lamb was resting, you have to let it rest at least 20 minutes, let the interior temperature finish cooking and also it will — if you cut it right away, it will just bleed out. all of the juices will go everywhere. >> that’s a mistake lots of people make. they want to get it there. that’s just as important. >> so we let it rest and then we’ll take some julienne red onions and i have a little olive oil in there and then i’m going to give this a little bit of encouragement and



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