Easter Baskets

Area stores like Target have items to help you put togetther a perfect Easter basket
people celebrate with easter baskets filled with lots of candy, but there are alternatives to put in the basket and it will save their teeth. >> reporter: putting and easter basket together is not always easy. sometimes this little bunny needs help. and that’s when kyle ewing can assist you. >> there are many options when it comes to putting together and easter basket from the usual candy that we have that we normally sell to the healthy options that are food products such as fruit snacks and granola bars, cereal bars. >> the kids hope for a little stuffed animal or a little toy. >> reporter: that something can be a favorite movie, a music cd or books. >> they are popular. >> reporter: how about an i- tune gift card for a too t be creative and mix the items in the basket. >> i do a little bit candy and a little bit of healthier stuff and i try to do movies or something like that. >> repo



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