Earning From Recipes

How to earn money from family recipes
>>> did you know that what you make nor dinner can make you big money. >>> we visited a test kitchen here in wisconsin. they get thousands of recipes. and only select a few as winners. >>> rebecca is a young cook but already an accomplished one. >>> i started five years ago. she started sending recipes to taste of home. she won a contest. >>> it was a traditional family recipe. >>> she is always concocting recipes in her family kitchen. >>> to be creative. to add things to make it taste better. >>> that is the right answer say taste of home. >>> we are looking for recipes that have a little bit of a twist on a family favorite. it has to have something different. >>> sending in a recipe in is easy. >>> we spent a morning at taste of home to see how the recipes go from the inn box to the magazine. >>> the recipe, they seem, they put their special twist on it to make it their home. >>> i ha



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