Dunkin’ Donuts Muffin Stuffin’

Dunkin’ Donuts Low Fat Apple Caramel Muffin Stuffin’ to be served with Pan Roasted Chicken Breast.
go into the kitchen right now wheregh vince is cooking something delicious with the friends froe m dunkin’ doughnuts. >> i have never cooked anything ed like this. my newest buddy from dunkin’ doughnuts, stainn, tell us what you’ve gote here, becausese you ca n’t get this througsh the drive-through window. >> you can get parts of it. we’ve come’v up with recipes for people to cook at home with ingredients, some of the favorite things you might buy at dunkin’ doughnuts. these are fallth recipes, using some of o our fall flavorav menu items, so we’r eem making ag chicken breast, pan roasted, stuffed with an apple muffin stuffin’. >> tell me about some of the ingredients. >> this is a fun time to be cooking, the flavors are great,vo people are startingta to get in to things like parsnips and carrots and vegetables,le the nostalgicta kind of comfkiort feel.f so we’re going to be making theki



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