Duck Trio

Ever tried Duck?
. >> that’s it, that’s a picture of the awesomest duck you have ever had. you coined that phrase, we are using it to the. today. and we are using, first for “good things utah”, five hands happening right now. todd is here from the blue lemon. it’s everything in each pan is pretty. >> it’s all coming toe. >> this is the dish that will be on our valentine’s day special. we want to do something nice. >> treat the love birds right. >> treat the love birds right. we have a cherry sauce here, and it’s got dried and fresh cherries. these are the tried. you should taste one of those. those are amazingly good. >> i haven’t had dried cherry before. >> we will make a little salad with duck con fi. let me pull it out of the oven. >> people at home haven’t cooked with duck before. >> this is just a leg, same as a chicken. what we do is we take that and we cook it for low and slow. then we pull it. so



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