DRMM Opens Restaurant In Highland Park

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries opens restaurant in Highland Park
anu prakash to tell us about that. >> reporter: what is exciting day for the rescue ministry as well as the ci of highland park. we are at woodward and davison. so many people are here. this is all to celebrate the opening of the corner stone bistro. they just cut the ribbon moments ago. what is so special about the place is it is a teaching restaurant. many will get a second chance of making it. the clients have had a lot of struggle with homelessness and addictions and can get work experience. donations helped make this happen. gerald boozer was on the verge of homelessness when he came to detroit. he has a goal of being head chef now. >> it gives me a lot of hope. i have three grandchildren that look up to me. i want them to be able to say they grew up to say grand daddy did something good with his life. >> we are able to find a positive outlet for people to come up and give them a se



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