Dressing Up Your Tamales

Easy sauces to jazz up your holiday tamales.
>> welcome back to “san antonio living.” we are in the kitchen with la hacienda and los barrios mexican restaurants. you have some things we can make at home and some things we can order from you if we are feeling just too tired over the holidays. >> it’s hectic and we’ll be sure to have it ready for you. >> one of the things that people have during the holidays are tamales and sometimes there is too much to eat and you’re going to show you how to use them in a left-over casserole. >> if you have had enough, put them in the freezer and bring them back out later, and basically i would normally cut them in half a little bit and do like a whole layer of tamale less and basically this is very simple. we’re going to take fresh corn, and if you have roasted corn, this works great, also. and th cheese — >> yum. >> this is monterrey jack or chihuahua cheese, which we all love, and i’m going to



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