Dressing An Oyster

Cocktail sauce, ketchup, lemon juice, sugar syrup and oyster sauce and the black ground pepper are the main ingredients to prepare oysters. Put as much as you want depending on the number of oysters you want to have. (Asia Confidential)
are. oysters are delicious and they have no eyes, which makes me a constant animal lover. a few at a little bit better about eating them. for people that do not like oysters natural, our featured chef of the month. he shows us two of his favorite ways to cook them and enjoy them, too. >> there you have it, pearls of the pacific, or whatever ocean, in their full glorious mess. some purists might say that is the way to eat them, but of their natural habitat. when i was young, i grew up along the pacific. i would catch them and eat them. you used a screwdriver. we would take them and eat them right there. get the little bits of shell out and it was really delicious. is it ok to eat them like that? >> yes. you can have them as is. a lot of people used a lot of lemon. we also have our own cocktail sauce that goes along with it. i think the best way to have oysters is the way you had it. >> bu



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