Dr. Oz: 5 Healthy Foods To Shop For

TV Doctor Mehmet Oz says foods have to do more than taste good. His grocery list starts with what he calls the “Fighting 5 Foods.”
(mark)3 television’s number one heart surgeon wants to change how america eats.(elizabeth) tonight – doctor oz starts with us and his list of five foods he says pack a powerful punch in knocking down disease. cynthia newsomes shows how they can help keep you healthy. 3 “when i walk in to a grocery store i don’t see food, i see drugs.” sure, it has to taste good, but tv doctor mehmet oz also makes sure that everything he puts in his grocery cart makes a meaningful contribution to good health. “i call them the fightin 5 foods..” your mother said they were good for you– and dr. oz agrees: vegetables top the list. “i love brocolli it detoxifies the liver brocoli,3 times a week will reduce breast cancer risk by 75%.” included in that group- tomatoes-“cook tomato and oil, you have pasta sauce.”dr. oz says you can add carrots, citrus and leafy greens too.. next..the “tumor torpedoes.” “they ar



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