DPS Sergeant Shares One Of His Favorite Recipes

Try Sgt. Bill’s Famous Burrito
it’s great. >>> well, who’s looking for a quick and easy recipe to fit into our busy lives. sergeant bill rogers is here. he’s going to help us with one of your favorite recipes. >> yes. >> how long has it been a favorite recipe of yours? >> probably a decade or so. >> how did you — i guess i should tell you what we’re cooking. this isn’t just a crock pot recipe. >> no. if you want me to get started i can get started. >> let’s talk about it and do it. >> this is a very lean meat. it’s a beef tongue, a cows tongue f you will. if you think of the tongue you know that it’s a muscle. it’s always working. so it’s very, very lean. cows, of course, chew their cud and the tongue always works, so there’s virtually no fat. once we cut down into this we’ll get down and peel this beef out and get rid of the skin. then we’ll go ahead and put it into a burrito. >> okay. maybe we should take a little



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