Downtown Chico

business explosion
business has once again exploded.. krcr news channel 7’s chloe ortega spoke with businesses about how much they rely on the university not just for sales– but for staffing. and she joins us now live in the chico newsroom… good evening chloe? hi alllison this is my first time being in downtown chico at this time of year, and the difference between now and just a week ago is remarkable. the business owners i spoke with, tell me its been a busier fall than usual! downtown chico sees increase in business. chico, calif. downtown chico’s local businesses feel it whenever the univeristy is not in session. “basically downtown, we depend a lot on the university.” “there’ a big drop off and its due to the students certainly being gone but also the university being a lot quieter with staff.” ” we are student heavy so in the summer we lose a lot” “we lose business when they leave.” now that stude



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