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Jo Anne and Anne show us the proper way of cooking chicken so you don’t get sick.
>> you may have heard about cahimilbacter. it’s been make the rounds lately. we wanted to spell out the facts and we have our guests with us to talk about it. what it is? >> camphal bacteria is a way that people can become infected and most people that don’t live on farms are getting it by eating poultry and they are not getting it by eating undercooked poultry. their intoed is getting contaminated very easy one drop of the juice raw meat can actually conthat nature anything else that you are preparing it with. that is why we thought it would be easier to show people how to prepare the chicken properly. you are seeing it more and more now? >> for some reason we monitor the numbers every year. we’ve seen about twice as many as we usually do and we don’t know why. but we know how to prevery it. >> what happens? what if we end one it? >> you get a bad case of diarrhea, headaches, cramps. it



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