Double Cross Martini

Twist on Angell is on The Rhode Show to make one of their signature cocktail drinks, the “Double Cross Martini”.
show.” we’re joinedwe with jeff from twist on angell to show u ss anothe r cocktail recipe. ci it’s happy hour somewhere. >> absolutely. >> this morning you’re making a double cross martini. >> we’re w making a double cross martini. this is just going to be double cross vodka, if you choose to add dry vermouth, it’s up to you. we’re featuring the olive, it’s an olive stuffed withtu french black truffles and feta thatle cheese. feta cheese? >> fet a cheese anda french black truffle. what happens, when you pour p the vodka over the olive oilists, it releas es a nice aromatic, which is absolutely delicious when you’re going to take your sip. >> wow. >> yep. >> earlier this week, jeff was on with his daughter cooking pepperoni pizza and chocolate chip cookies and now you’re taking it to the next level. >> since my daughter is not here today. >> twist on angell open six, seven days a week? >>



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