Donatella Arpaia / “Iron Chef Judge”

Food Network “Iron Chef Judge”, Cookbook Author and RestaurateurnDonatella ArpaianOffers new twists on holiday dishesnnPeople are always looking for ways to update holiday get-togethers or add interesting twists to family traditions. However, when the time comes to plan a menu and choose the wine, hosts or hostesses can tend to feel overwhelmed. To help ease their fears, Food Network personality, restaurateur, and cookbook author Donatella Arpaia offers simple but special updates and tips on how to set the stage for the perfect holiday.
Let the holiday festivities and meals begin. But if you were wanting to put a new twist on your traditional get-togethers, food network star and cokbook author donatella arpaia has tips how to set the stage for the perfect holiday. Donatella, you look fabulous. Are you ready for the christmas season?nnAbsolutely. Absolutely. I have my red dress on. I have to coordinate with the cocktail.nnYou look fantastic. I know you have fantastic tips to share for the rest of us.nnAbsolutely. It shouldn’t be a stressful time. And i think a lot of people do get stressed out when they host so i’m coming up with a couple of ideas to help you out and to still have everyone give you tons of praise.nnWell, sounds good. Go ahead, start cheering. I’m taking notes.nnI always, always, always start with a signature cockil. Cocktails just like fod, all about buying quality ingredients and keping it simple. I am



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