Dolce Vita’s Holiday Appetizers

Delicious appetizers from Chef John at Dolce Vita!
great appetizers. john said to me, chris, i thought you’d be hungry, merry christmas. well, happy new year, too, look at this spread. where do we get started? >> i tell you what, i’ll just go over what we have here. myself with dolce vita and we team up to do catering and appetizers and things like that. we thought it would be nice to bring it in, you and the crew — >> we love to eat. is it too late to order things to have catered to your home? >> no. actually we have done something on 30 minute notice. >> we’ll put to you that test. >> i’m sure there’s a lot of people at home that got very excited when they heard that. >> how do they get ahold of you to put something in for last minute or not even last minute. >> go on the website which is dvcuse.com or give us a call 475 — >> i’m eyeing the bacon or some kind of meat. >> yes, it is. these are actually stuffed garlic nuts. >> so good.



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